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Family law is a complex area of law that many people never encounter until they are involved in difficult, very personal conflict. When you need assistance in a Tulsa family law matter, a qualified Oklahoma divorce attorney may be your best ally. Sometimes, though, you need somewhere else to turn.

For your convenience, Divorce Law Office of Tulsa has prepared this list of resources some families may need when anticipating a divorce.  Remember: if you need emergency assistance call 911. If you need legal advice, call a qualified Oklahoma family law attorney. Contact the Divorce of Tulsa Law Office for a free consultation at 918-924-5526. Otherwise, we hope these online resources may be helpful.

Oklahoma Statutes: Title 43 covers matters related to marriage, divorce and family law in Oklahoma.

Oklahoma State Courts Network:  Provides online case records, including court dates, contents of some filings and hearing outcomes. Covers courts in major metropolitan counties of Oklahoma. If you have a case pending in Oklahoma court, don’t rely on online records. Contact your Oklahoma attorney. If you live in Tulsa, a Tulsa divorce attorney can help you.

On Demand Court Records: Provides online case records, including court dates, contents of some filings and outcomes for courts in rural Oklahoma counties.

Ann Patterson Dooley Family Safety Center:  A place where victims and families can find resources regarding domestic violence. Select services provided based on individual circumstances.

The Rights of Unmarried Fathers: A U.S. Department of Heath and Human Services gateway to information about the rights of unmarried fathers in various states.

Child Protective Services: An agency of The Oklahoma Department of Human Services that advocates for economic interests of Oklahoma children. OKCSS ensures that parents provide financial support. The agency also assists families to become self-sufficient, and helps those not receiving public assistance to remain financially self-sufficient.

Esquire Empire: A Wiki site about Oklahoma law, including a section on Oklahoma family law.

Child Support Calculators: – Esquire Empire maintains a listing of child support calculators in Oklahoma

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