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What Are Grounds For Divorce in Oklahoma?

divorce in OklahomaTo get a divorce in Oklahoma, you need to have sufficient proof that your marriage needs to be dissolved.  For every Tulsa divorce, there must be at least one ground for divorce listed in the divorce petition. With the rise of no-fault divorce procedures across the nation, Oklahoma more often than not recognizes an ambiguous claim of “incompatibility” as grounds for divorce. No proof is required that you don’t get along – other than the fact that at least one partner files divorce papers.

There remain on the books numerous other grounds for divorce, which are sometimes claimed simply as a matter for record based on a divorcing spouses preference, or sometimes to gain an advantage in a divorce proceeding. In this post, we’ll explore some of the more archaic grounds for divorce in Oklahoma.

In Oklahoma, your divorce petition must specify the grounds upon which you are seeking divorce. The grounds for divorce you choose, should be that which both parties have agreed to, or that which either spouse can be proven to the court. The allowed grounds for divorce in Oklahoma are as follows:

  1. Abandonment for one year or longer
  1. Adultery
  1. Impotency
  1. Wife getting pregnant by a man other than her husband
  1. Extremely cruelty
  1. Fraudulent contract
  1. Habitual Drunkenness
  1. Gross neglect of spousal duties
  1. Imprisonment in a state or federal institution for committing a felony at the time a divorce petition is filed
  1. Obtaining a Divorce decree from another state that does not release you from divorce in the state of Oklahoma
  1. Insanity for five years or more

If you do not qualify for any of the grounds listed above you may petition for a divorce on the grounds of “incompatibility”, meaning simply that you and your spouse are not getting along and that you don’t have enough in common to make a marriage work. Oklahoma, which does not technically have a no-fault divorces option, allows for divorce on the grounds of incompatibility even in case where the other spouse does not want a divorce. Thus, a divorce may be granted in Oklahoma by the request of a single spouse.

For more specific information regarding your grounds for divorce, you should contact a divorce attorney in Tulsa, Ok, to review your circumstance and advise you of what is best in your particular situation.

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