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What Happens in a Tulsa Divorce Deposition?

Tulsa divorce depositionPerhaps one of the most frightening aspects of the divorce process in Oklahoma is the possibility that you will be deposed by the other side’s attorney.

However, Tulsa divorce depositions are typically rare and only occur in situations involving a lot of money and property.

About “Discovery”

Discovery is the process through which attorneys obtain information about the other party and the circumstances surrounding an event.

The discovery process includes a questionnaire called “interrogatories.”

In an Oklahoma divorce, you may be required to answer interrogatory questions such as, “list all of your assets” or “list all of your property.”

Your spouse’s attorney will also serve “requests for production of documents,” which will ask that you provide¬†specific documents, such as tax returns, receipts or other relevant evidence.

Your divorce attorney can object to any request.

FAQ: Tulsa Divorce Depositions

Another phase of discovery is Tulsa divorce depositions.

Depositions allow the other side to ask you a series of questions under oath so that they can build their defense or theory of the case.

Depositions are rare in divorce because an attorney usually does not need to “prove” anything in order to resolve your case.

Depositions are useful when the other spouse has a lot of money and it is hard to determine how much or where it all is.

In some limited cases, it may be necessary to depose another spouse on their infidelity, but only if it had a negative impact on the children or a couple’s finances.

The Deposition Process

During a deposition, the other side’s attorney will ask you a number of questions related to any aspect of their case.

Your attorney can object, as well.

During the deposition, a court reporter will be present to transcribe the entire proceeding.

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A Tulsa divorce deposition can be an opportunity for the other side to retrieving damaging or personal information about you.

Before you go into a deposition alone, contact an experienced Oklahoma divorce attorney.

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