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How to Prepare for a Meeting with a Tulsa Child Custody Attorney

Tulsa child custody attorneyDiscussing child custody issues during a Tulsa, Oklahoma divorce case can be highly emotional for any mother or father.

This is especially true when you have to split custody for the first time.

However, an experienced Tulsa child custody attorney can help get you through the process.

Legal Standard in Child Custody Cases

The outcome of child custody cases depends on several factors, but the court must only consider what will be in the best interest of the child.

The Tulsa court will consider where the child has community ties, friends and spends the majority of their time.

The court will also consider which parent can best take care of the children, and any other factors that demonstrate how the child’s best interest will be served.

Preparing for Your Meeting

The first time you meet your Tulsa child custody attorney, you should bring a number of documents and records that show your child’s current lifestyle.

You should also provide your attorney with financial records and any criminal records that you have.

You should also be prepared to open up to your attorney about allĀ of the reasons your ex will allege you should not have custody over your children.

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