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What Steps Should I Take to Prepare for My Tulsa Oklahoma Divorce?

Tulsa Oklahoma divorceNow that you’ve decided that getting a Tulsa Oklahoma divorce is the right thing to do, now is the time to hire an attorney and take the steps to make sure things are legally in order.

Although you can file a Tulsa Oklahoma divorce on your own, an attorney will ensure that you get all you deserve under the law, especially if there are property and other marital assets involved.

Gather Your Documents for Tulsa Oklahoma Divorce

The most important first step you can take is to gather all financial documents, including 401Ks, credit reports, bank statements, and tax returns filed during the marriage.

This will give you and your attorney a clear picture of your financial state and how much is at stake.

If your spouse maintains a separate account, your attorney may subpoena his bank statements as well.

Note that it is also important to find out where your spouse will be living or regularly working during your separation.

If you are the one to initiate the divorce, you will need to have your spouse served, which must be done in person under most circumstances.

Make a List of Marital Assets and Debts

The judge will only split what is considered “marital property”–that is what has been acquired during the course of the marriage no matter who’s name it is in.

However, what is defined as “marital property” can be the source of disagreement between both parties.

Therefore, inform your attorney of everything you and your spouse have acquired over the past years, even if it is just in one person’s name.

You should also gather a list of all of your debts, no matter who’s name it is in.

A court will have to determine who will be responsible for that debt, even if it’s in your spouse’s name.

Make a List of Questions to Ask

Before hiring an attorney, seek a free or low-cost consultation. During your initial consultation with an attorney, you will have the opportunity to ask questions relating to your upcoming Tulsa Oklahoma divorce.

Common questions may have to do with how things will proceed prior to the divorce, such as temporary alimony, and child support.

Free Consultation: Tulsa Oklahoma Divorce Attorney

Deciding to take the steps to file for divorce is a huge decision that also requires some legwork on your part.

If you want to file for divorce, contact an experienced Tulsa divorce attorney who can assist with gathering the proper documents so that you can proceed as smoothly as possible.