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Steps to Change Your Name After Divorce in Oklahoma

divorce in OklahomaThe steps to change your name after a divorce in Oklahoma are relatively simple, but they are time consuming. If your name change was included in your divorce decree, you can change your name by following the steps outlined below.

1. The best place to start changing your name is at the Department of Public Safety, DPS. According to Oklahoma law, you have ten days from the date of your name change to notify the DPS. You must take a certified copy of your divorce decree to a DPS driver examiner or a local tag agent that is authorized to accept legal documents and pay the designated fee to obtain a new driver license or identification card. While at the DPS, you should also change your vehicle title and registration to your new name.

2. While at DPS, you can pick up a voter registration card, complete it using your new last name and mailing it to your county election board. Note that you cannot change your political affiliation from April 1 through August 31 in any even numbered year.

3. Take your certified divorce decree and your driver license to your local Social Security Administration office to obtain a corrected social security card that will show your correct new name. There is no charge for this service. Failure to change your name on your Social Security card can result in delays in your income tax refund, prevent correct posting of your wages to your Social Security record and result in lowering your future Social Security benefits.

4. To change your name on your passport, if applicable, you will need to apply for a new passport at your local county clerk’s office or post office. You must submit a certified copy of your divorce decree, your current passport and a color passport photograph along with a completed application form. Fees vary depending on the length of time that your original passport was issued.

6. Change your name at your local post office. You can do this by completing a change of address form and including your new last name.

7. If you have children or are in school, do not forget to notify the school of your name change.

8. Change your name at banks that you do business with. Contact your bank for information on their procedures.

9. Change your name with your employer and your health insurance carrier. Although each business has its own procedures, you should take a copy of your certified divorce decree as proof of your name change.

10. Contact all other creditors, businesses, organizations, and insurance and utility companies that you do business with to find out their procedures for changing your name. Make sure that you follow through according to instructions with each location to make your name change official.

11. Order new business cards, stationary and other personal items using your new name.

12. Inform your business associates, friends and family of your name change and let them know what your new last name is. You will also want to change your social media accounts to reflect your new name, especially business-related accounts.

Divorce in Oklahoma: Changing your Name When it Wasn’t Part of Your Divorce Decree

If your name change was not included in your divorce decree, the first step is to submit a notarized name change petition to your local county clerk’s office along with the required filing fee. A Tulsa divorce attorney can help you obtain your legal name change.

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A Tulsa divorce attorney has the knowledge and experience to assist you with changing your name after your divorce. If the name change was not included in your divorce decree, a Tulsa divorce attorney can help you modify your divorce decree or file a petition for a change of name and assist you throughout the process. Call Divorce of Tulsa Law Office at 918-924-5526 today to schedule your free consultation.