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Do I Need to Get an Oklahoma Qualified Domestic Relations Order for a Tulsa Divorce?

qualified domestic relations order OklahomaWhen you and your spouse get divorced or when your spouse owes you alimony or child support, your attorney may recommend you use a form called a qualified domestic relations order Oklahoma.

The form is often called a QDRO and pronounced “Quad-ro.”

A QDRO helps ensure you get the money the Tulsa family court has awarded to you, and even allows you to collect alimony.

FAQ: Qualified Domestic Relations Order Oklahoma

QDRO’s, in their most basic form, allow an ex-spouse or child support obligee to receive payment directly from the other party’s pension.

You especially need a qualified domestic relations order Oklahoma when you and your spouse have agreed to split his or her pension money as a part of your Tulsa divorce decree.

Even when such matters are outlined in the divorce decree, a QDRO is still required to effectuate this intention.

A qualified domestic relations order Oklahoma can also be used to collect arrears in child support or alimony, as well as current payments due.

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A qualified domestic relations order Oklahoma can be quite complicated, and usually requires an attorney to properly complete.

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