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What Happens With Pets in An Oklahoma Divorce?

pets in an Oklahoma divorceMost pet owners feel as though their dog or cat is a true member of the family. That’s why the issue of pets in a divorce can be nearly as hurtful to deal with as issues pertaining to children.

However, courts will not order visitation with pets, as they will with children. It will often be up to the owners to figure it out.

However, a Tulsa court may consider some factors when two people truly cannot agree on who should get the family pets in an Oklahoma divorce.

FAQ: Pets in an Oklahoma Divorce

Courts, as in most situations pertaining the division of property, will consider whether the pet was acquired before or during the marriage.

If the pet was acquired before the marriage, a court would be inclined to order that the pet remain with its original owner.

If, however, the pet was acquired during the marriage, the court may consider if any children would be affected by losing a pet to the non-custodial parent’s home.

Or, a court may simply consider which parent can reasonably care for the pet or pets in an Oklahoma divorce.

Individual Considerations

A divorcing couple may feel strongly about preventing the other person from getting anything they feel is unfair.

However, it is important to keep in mind that the sole purpose of divorce isn’t to split property. Rather, it is to end a relationship and begin the process of moving on and healing.

The issue of pets in an Oklahoma divorce does not have to be a legal conflict, and it certainly should not be a hinderance to moving forward.

Therefore, try to be as reasonable as possible and negotiate the question of who keeps the pets as amicably as possible.

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