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Are Parenting Classes Oklahoma Mandatory in a Tulsa Divorce?

parenting classes OklahomaYes, in many cases parenting classes Oklahoma are a mandatory part of getting a Tulsa divorce.

Most local court districts in Oklahoma and beyond require parents to take a class after filing for divorce.

The state of Oklahoma, as of November 1, 2014, require parents with children under the age of 18 years who file for a divorce based on incompatibility, generally no fault divorce, to take mandatory parenting classes.

The Oklahoma legislature enacted the law in response to research showing that divorce causes many problems for children. Studies showed that positive benefits were obtained by parents who attended parenting classes Oklahoma before their divorce.

Parenting Classes Oklahoma Requirements

Parents must attend, together or separately, classes to learn about the impact of divorce on children before a temporary order is issued or within 45 days of its issuance.

Parents must pay a fee of between $15 and $60 attending these classes. The cost varies depending on the provider.

The classes include topics including how divorce affects children, reconciliation as an option, the effects of family violence, and child behaviors and emotions both during and after the divorce and how parents should respond.

Parenting classes Oklahoma also cover communication strategies for reducing conflict and assisting with cooperative parenting, and recommend local resources for issues involving substance abuse counseling, family counseling and other needs that the family may have.

How Will Parenting Classes Oklahoma Help?

The mandatory classes basically teach parents how to handle their emotions, learn about behaviors that they should avoid, and how to keep their children out of the middle of it. The way that parents handle divorce has a direct bearing on how children will react.

Research has shown that children who have a hard time dealing with their parents divorce may become depressed and anxious, and exhibit behaviors such as delinquency, dropping out of school, drug use and suicide.

The parenting classes Oklahoma are designed to teach parents about these and other issues and suggest ways to help children adjust in a healthy way.

Although reconciliation is an included subject, it is not the purpose of the class. While in some cases, parents may consider getting back together and, research shows, that many times it is better for the children, it may not be a good option in your particular case.

This subject is intended to help you understand how the reconciliation process may affect your children and provide some resources that may help if you need them.

How to Choose a Parenting Class

Not all organizations who offer parenting classes include the subject matter that is required by the Oklahoma mandatory parenting class law. It is best to avoid taking an online or in person class until you have consulted with your Tulsa divorce attorney.

He or she can direct you to the class that will be accepted by the judge so that you can avoid spending time and money on education that will not be accepted.

Completion of Class

After the parents have completed the parenting class, a certificate of completion will be issued that certifies that the fee was paid and the parent attended. That document must be filed with the court.

Failure to Complete Class

There are no fines or costs if parents do not attend, but a final order of divorce and child custody will not be entered by the court until the parents have completed the class.

Note that the court may excuse a parent from attending classes for good cause shown such as evidence of domestic violence or one of the spouses is staying at a domestic violence shelter.

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