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  • How Do I Calculate Oklahoma Child Support?

    Why Child Support? The calculation of child support in Oklahoma starts with the principle that both parents are accountable for the support of their children. It also acknowledges that there are extra costs related to child-custody. For example, the custodial parent typically has to spend more money on housing, food, transportation, medical insurance, etc. These […]

  • How Do Courts Determine Alimony in Oklahoma?

    Whether you are male or female, if you have been married for a significant period of time and are now seeking divorce, you may be eligible for alimony in Oklahoma. There are however, several other factors that will be considered. What follows here is a brief description of how courts determine matters related to alimony […]

  • Will I Need To Pay Child Support in Oklahoma?

    In Oklahoma every parent has a responsibility for the support of their children. Whether you are married, divorced or unwed, this responsibility begins when the child is born and continues until the child is at least eighteen years old. Simply stated, child support is financial contributions one parent makes to the other parent (or guardian) […]

  • How Can I Modify Child Support in Oklahoma?

    If you are paying or receiving child support in Oklahoma, it is quite possible that your circumstance have changed since the last time your support was calculated. If you are now having trouble paying child support, or if you believe that you are no longer receiving enough support for your children, you may be able […]

  • 4 Tips for Avoiding Trouble With Social Media and Divorce

    For someone going through a divorce, the reasons to turn to Facebook, Twitter or similar social media sites are easy to understand. Loneliness, alienation, frustration, fear, anger and genuine concern can leave divorcing spouses anxious to find new sources of social support. The near-universal availability of social networks entices those in need of emotional support […]

  • Child Support in Oklahoma

    Oklahoma law requires courts in most cases to follow standard child support guidelines based on several factors including each parent’s monthly income and fringe benefits, each parent’s role as either primary or non-custodial parent, health insurance or day care costs and the number of children in a family. While courts may diverge from the standard […]

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