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  • Is Financial Disclosure In Oklahoma Divorce A Requirement?

    Yes, full financial disclosure in Oklahoma divorce is a legal requirement. Both spouses will be required to disclose all marital assets to the court so that a fair and just distribution can be accomplished, either by agreement of the spouses or by the court if they cannot agree. What Must be Disclosed? All marital assets […]

  • Oklahoma Divorce: How to Tell Younger Children About the Divorce

    An Oklahoma divorce is stressful for both the parents and their kids. Unfortunately, it is difficult to predict in advance just how divorce affects children. However, there are some ways that you can inform your children that you will be obtaining a divorce that will help minimize the effect that it will have on them. […]

  • Oklahoma Divorce: The Hazards of Revenge Sex During Divorce

    The thought of engaging in revenge sex during an Oklahoma divorce may make you think that you will feel better because you got back at your spouse, but there can be grave consequences you should consider beforehand. The effects of your actions can range from mild to severe and profoundly effect your future. How Your Spouse […]

  • Oklahoma Divorce: Avoid Binging During the Divorce

    Going through the Oklahoma divorce process is probably one of the most stressful things you will have to endure. While going through a  divorce, every person experiences different emotions including anxiety, fear, grief and guilt. Those feelings can lead many people to indulge in too much food, alcohol or even relationships in an attempt to […]

  • 3 Common Feelings After a Divorce in Tulsa

    While you may feel a sense of relief after your divorce, you may also experience a variety of other feelings after a divorce in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Those feelings are normal. According to experts in the field, you are experiencing a loss of your future dreams as a couple; you may feel that the years that […]

  • 7 Reasons to Avoid Substance Abuse During an Oklahoma Divorce

    An Oklahoma divorce is a very stressful time for both the parents and the children involved. To deal with the stress and anxiety, some people turn to substance abuse. There are many reasons that divorcing parents should avoid substance abuse. Impaired Decision Making There is no controversy over the fact that substance abuse impairs decision-making […]

  • Can I Relocate with my Children After an Oklahoma Divorce?

    Relocation after an Oklahoma divorce will depend on a variety of factors, including distance. According to Oklahoma statutes, you must provide a written notice of relocation after an Oklahoma divorce to your ex-spouse if you plan to move more than 75 miles from your primary residence. Notice of Relocation Requirements Your notification letter must include, if […]

  • Steps to Change Your Name After Divorce in Oklahoma

    The steps to change your name after a divorce in Oklahoma are relatively simple, but they are time consuming. If your name change was included in your divorce decree, you can change your name by following the steps outlined below. 1. The best place to start changing your name is at the Department of Public Safety, […]

  • Oklahoma Divorce – How to Tell Teens about the Divorce

    An Oklahoma divorce is a very stressful time in a family’s life. It may be less stressful to teens, depending on the circumstances of the divorce. For example, if the parents have been fighting between each other for years, the divorce may come as a relief. On the other hand, if the teens were not […]

  • Am I Eligible for my Ex’s Social Security Benefits in Oklahoma?

    Social Security benefits in Oklahoma are distributed through the United States Social Security Administration, an independent agency of the federal government. Following are some factors that affect whether you are eligible to receive your ex’s Social Security benefits in Oklahoma. Social Security Benefit Qualifications if you are Divorced The Social Security Administration treats ex-spouses much […]

  • How to Avoid Conflict While Exchanging Child Custody After an Oklahoma Divorce

    Avoiding conflict while exchanging child custody after an Oklahoma divorce is important in maintaining relationships between the children and their parents. For the sake of the children, it is important to avoid conflicts of any type in front of them. Conflict while exchanging child custody creates anxiety and stress for the children and can change […]

  • Different Churches? How to Deal With Faith Questions When You Share Child Custody in Oklahoma

    When parents of different faiths share custody in Oklahoma, the question of which religion the children should follow is often difficult. The answer to faith questions can involve whether parents have joint custody, how well the parents cooperate and whether parents are committed to protecting the child’s best interest as defined by law. Parents who […]

  • 5 Things Your Tulsa Divorce Attorney Cannot Do for You

    Divorce lawyers often find creative ways to help people sort out the most difficult domestic conflicts. When you call a divorce lawyer, it is easy to settle into the belief that the phone call will at least start to fix everything. To be sure, your family lawyer can help you get your personal and family […]

  • Steps In The Divorce Process In Tulsa, Oklahoma

    If you are a resident of Tulsa, Oklahoma and you are considering divorce, here is brief overview of the steps required in the divorce process in Tulsa. A better understanding of what will be required of you may help you in deciding if divorce is indeed the option you wish to pursue. Step 1: Deciding to […]

  • 4 Financial Matters To Consider Before Agreeing To A Divorce Settlement In Tulsa, Oklahoma

    There are a many issues that one should understand and consider before agreeing to a divorce settlement in Tulsa. Here are some of the most important issues you should consider when going through a divorce in Tulsa, Oklahoma. What You Should Consider Before You Begin Negotiating Your Divorce Settlement in Tulsa Maintaining financial stability is […]

  • Oklahoma Child Support And Day Care Expenses

    Day care for your children can be very expensive and especially difficult for a single parent to afford. Read further to discover how the Oklahoma child support guidelines address day care expenses. How Day Care Expenses Factor Into Oklahoma Child Support The cost of day care can be a huge financial burden for the custodial parent […]

  • Mediation And Your Tulsa Area Family Law Case

    The city of Tulsa offers mediation to parents through its Early Settlement Program. The Early Settlement Program, which is a division of the Tulsa Municipal court system, was set up to aid parents in resolving family law disputes outside of court through mediation to avoid engaging in costly legal battles. The Advantages of Mediation in […]

  • Where Do I File for Divorce in Tulsa, Oklahoma?

    You must file for divorce in Tulsa at the Tulsa County District Court, but the law requires either spouse to be a resident of the state of Oklahoma for more than six (6) months and a resident of Tulsa County for more than thirty (30) days before you may file for a divorce in Tulsa. […]

  • How Much Does it Cost to File for Divorce in Tulsa?

    The Cost of Filing for Divorce in Tulsa It is always a challenge when a couple splits up and must divide their assets to create two households instead of one. Obviously, when money, income and property are divided, each spouse will end up with less than they had together. Along with this, each spouse will […]

  • How to change your name after a divorce in Tulsa

    If you are considering a divorce, you may also be wondering if you can change your name after a divorce in Tulsa.  Changing your name after divorce in Tulsa is simple, if you do it as part of your divorce, but it may require more effort on your part if you do it after your […]

  • Who Stays in the House After a Divorce in Tulsa?

    How the assets are divided is one of the biggest questions asked by those considering divorce in Tulsa. Often, the biggest concern is who stays in the house after the divorce. This decision is often emotionally charged, but you and your spouse may be able to come to an agreement on your own. On the […]

  • Estate Planning After A Divorce In Tulsa

    After a divorce in Tulsa, it’s important to review who you have named in your will and other estate planning documents to manage your estate when you die or when you are unable to do so yourself. It is not uncommon for someone to forget to change the beneficiary designation on his or her retirement […]

  • Can I Modify a Tulsa Divorce Decree?

    A Tulsa divorce decree can be modified if: (1) there have been substantial changes in circumstances that were not foreseen at the time the divorce decree was ordered by the family court; and (2) the changes are of such a nature that they render the divorce decree, as first ordered, unreasonable. Modifying Property Division After […]

  • What Happens to Retirement Funds in a Tulsa divorce?

    Retirement funds are commonly the largest and most difficult assets to divide in a Tulsa divorce.  The value of retirement accounts can often exceed that of the marital home.  So it is important to take the necessary steps to protect yourself during the division of property in a Tulsa divorce, or you may find yourself […]

  • How Long Does it Take to Get Divorced in Tulsa?

    How long it takes to get a divorce in Tulsa depends on the particular circumstance of the divorce. Every divorce is different. Your personal histories, background, financial situation, and family circumstances will determine how long your divorce will take. This article describes the primary factor that will determine how long it takes to get divorced […]

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