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  • My Spouse is Living with Someone – Does This Violate Oklahoma Alimony Laws?

    Tulsa, Oklahoma courts retain jurisdiction over divorce cases long after the divorce decree is issued if there are continuing issues of child custody or support, or spousal support orders. Under Oklahoma alimony laws, spousal support may be granted to a spouse in order to help the transition from marriage to being single if the spouse’s […]

  • If I Remarry Will I Lose My Oklahoma Alimony Payments?

    In Tulsa, Oklahoma, courts have the ability to award alimony to a divorcing spouse based on its review of a number of conditions during the divorce proceedings. Oklahoma alimony payments are meant to help a spouse make the transition from marriage to independent living again. FAQ: Oklahoma Alimony Payments Oklahoma does not follow strict rules […]

  • Can I Transfer Child Custody in Oklahoma Without a Court Order?

    The Tulsa, Oklahoma legislature passed HR 2536 in 2014 in an effort to help families in crisis. Now codified as Okla. Stat. tit. 10 § 700-701, the statute allows a custodial parent to temporarily delegate child custody in Oklahoma to another person via an executed power of attorney. This allows a custodial parent a quick […]

  • Can I Petition to Establish Paternity in Oklahoma Before My Child is Born?

    Bringing a child into the world is a time of great changes for parents. Some of these changes may be joyous, others anxiety-provoking. Not having clear and legal lines of paternity can produce significant anxiety in either parent. A petition to establish paternity in Oklahoma is one way to resolve the issue of the identity of […]

  • My Spouse Left Oklahoma with My Child Before Filing for Divorce

    Although divorce is difficult, not having access to your children is even harder for most parents. An increasingly common issue people hear is, “my spouse left Oklahoma with my child.” If your spouse has left the state with your children, he or she may be in violation of Oklahoma law and you may be able […]

  • What if My Ex Does Not Comply with Child Visitation Guidelines in Oklahoma?

    After you’ve broken up with the mother or father of your children, the biggest issue between the two of you will likely pertain to following child visitation guidelines in Oklahoma. Even if a Tulsa family court has ordered visitation at designated times, most parents occasionally deviate from this plan. If this happens routinely, you have […]

  • What is Included in an Oklahoma Parenting Plan?

    After the issue of child custody is determined in Tulsa, parents must put an Oklahoma parenting plan into place. A parenting plan is a tool used by the court to ensure that parents know how to proceed with issues of visitation. Once you’ve entered into an Oklahoma parenting plan, the parties must abide by it […]

  • What are Typical Child Visitation Guidelines Oklahoma?

    If you are getting a divorce in Tulsa, you may be wondering what are the typical child visitation guidelines Oklahoma. In short, parents typically determine: 1) regular visits 2) holidays, and 3) summer break. Regular Child Visitation Guidelines Oklahoma Regular visits are the monthly, bi-monthly or weekly visits the noncustodial parent receives. This can be as often […]

  • Can I Move to Another State if I Have an Oklahoma Child Custody Agreement?

    A Tulsa, Oklahoma child custody agreement usually does not anticipate many of the unexpected events that happen during the course of one’s life. Often times, people get new jobs, fall in love, or must care for a sick relative far away from home. If you, for any reason, want to move out of the state […]

  • How Do I Get My Child Away From an Abusive Parent in Oklahoma?

    Child custody matters in Tulsa, Oklahoma can be stressful for both the parents and the children involved. This is especially true if parents find themselves returning to court to re-litigate custody issues before a judge. However, if you believe your child is in the custody of an abusive parent in Oklahoma, you should do all […]

  • What Happens With Pets in An Oklahoma Divorce?

    Most pet owners feel as though their dog or cat is a true member of the family. That’s why the issue of pets in a divorce can be nearly as hurtful to deal with as issues pertaining to children. However, courts will not order visitation with pets, as they will with children. It will often […]

  • Can I Get a Modification If I Cannot Afford Oklahoma Child Support Payments?

    Oklahoma child support payments last until your child turns 18 years old. During that time, you may find that you cannot keep up with the payments. Not paying your child support in Tulsa is a potentially serious legal matter. However, if you are truly in a challenging situation, you have options. One of them is […]

  • Do I Need to Get an Oklahoma Qualified Domestic Relations Order for a Tulsa Divorce?

    When you and your spouse get divorced or when your spouse owes you alimony or child support, your attorney may recommend you use a form called a qualified domestic relations order Oklahoma. The form is often called a QDRO and pronounced “Quad-ro.” A QDRO helps ensure you get the money the Tulsa family court has […]

  • Do I Need to File For Divorce in a Common Law Marriage in Oklahoma?

    Though most states do not recognize such unions, common law marriage in Oklahoma is still legally acknowledged. This means that a couple did not have a wedding ceremony or obtain a marriage license. However, they hold themselves out as married and live together,as a married couple would. Divorce in a common law marriage in Oklahoma can […]

  • Does Joint Custody Affect Oklahoma Child Support Computations?

    A common question among parents who are getting a divorce, or were never married, regards Tulsa, Oklahoma child support computations. However, many factors determine how much child support will be owed. Expenses and income are just two of the possible factors. Custody may, at times, become a part of Oklahoma child support computations. FAQ: Oklahoma Child […]

  • Can Tulsa Oklahoma Child Custody Lawyers Help Me Get More Time with My Child?

    Parents who determine custody in a Tulsa, Oklahoma family court usually have two opportunities to maximize their parenting time. The first opportunity is during negotiations with your ex, before the judge enters an order. Your attorney can represent you during mediation or at trial to help get you the most parenting time possible. However, if […]

  • How Can I Prepare for a Divorce Deposition in Oklahoma?

    An unfortunate reality of divorce is that many aspects of your personal life can become a focal point of discussion. This is especially true if you are called for a divorce deposition in Oklahoma, because the other side’s attorney will likely be asking you a number of uncertain questions. However, an experienced Tulsa divorce attorney can […]

  • How to Prepare for a Meeting with a Tulsa Child Custody Attorney

    Discussing child custody issues during a Tulsa, Oklahoma divorce case can be highly emotional for any mother or father. This is especially true when you have to split custody for the first time. However, an experienced Tulsa child custody attorney can help get you through the process. Legal Standard in Child Custody Cases The outcome […]

  • What Do Courts Consider in Oklahoma Child Custody Cases?

    Child custody in Tulsa, Oklahoma is, like most states, decided based on what is in the best interest of the child. This is usually pretty easy to figure out when one parent engages in concerning behavior — like alcohol abuse, drug use, arrests or associations with people with criminal backgrounds. However, when both parents are […]

  • What is the Oklahoma Divorce Mediation Process?

    The Oklahoma divorce mediation process is one of the best tools to quickly settle your divorce, so you can begin to move on with your life. It is usually court-ordered in Tulsa, and allows parties to negotiate issues such as child custody, child support, alimony and division of property. Although you may be nervous to enter […]

  • What Happens in a Tulsa Divorce Deposition?

    Perhaps one of the most frightening aspects of the divorce process in Oklahoma is the possibility that you will be deposed by the other side’s attorney. However, Tulsa divorce depositions are typically rare and only occur in situations involving a lot of money and property. About “Discovery” Discovery is the process through which attorneys obtain […]

  • Is There an Alimony Formula Oklahoma?

    Many couples who have decided to get divorced are nervous when it comes to the issue of alimony. Unlike child support, there is no alimony formula Oklahoma, and it is not a guarantee in Tulsa or any other community. If you are unsure of whether you may have to pay or will be able to receive […]

  • Is Mediation Tulsa Oklahoma Required For a Divorce?

    Although movies and television paint divorce as long, dramatic court battles, most divorces take place in rooms with just two attorneys, two spouses and a mediator. These meetings are called mediations and are meant to help parties discuss and resolve issues of child custody, child support, property division and alimony. Unless parties absolutely agree on […]

  • How to Find a Good Tulsa Oklahoma Divorce Lawyer

    Getting divorced can be stressful, but your attorney shouldn’t add to the stress. If you’ve been looking for a good Tulsa Oklahoma divorce lawyer, then consider the following factors before choosing. Personal Referrals The best way to find a great Tulsa Oklahoma divorce lawyer is to simply ask around. Your friends, family, colleagues, and neighbors may […]

  • Will I Have to Pay My Ex Under Alimony Rules in Oklahoma?

    Getting a divorce is not only emotionally devastating, but can also be a major financial setback as well, especially if one spouse has relied on the other for several years. Unlike child support, however, alimony rules in Oklahoma don’t always guarantee payments. Tulsa courts consider a number of factors in determining whether alimony is appropriate. […]

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