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Oklahoma Divorce: The Hazards of Revenge Sex During Divorce

Oklahoma Divorce: Avoid Revenge SexThe thought of engaging in revenge sex during an Oklahoma divorce may make you think that you will feel better because you got back at your spouse, but there can be grave consequences you should consider beforehand. The effects of your actions can range from mild to severe and profoundly effect your future.

How Your Spouse May Get an Advantage

The daily drama that can be found on television tends to give soon-to-be ex-spouses ideas about how to snoop and find out information about the other spouse. If you are going through a difficult Oklahoma divorce, there is a possibility that your spouse may try to covertly set you up with an individual in order to get information about things that you may be doing that would be to his or her advantage in the divorce.

Your spouse may be looking for evidence including sexual relationships and alcohol abuse. If you have children, your spouse may also look for evidence of neglect. All of those things could potentially be used against you during your divorce and may affect negotiations of your settlement and custody of your children.

Revenge Sex Can Lead to Risky Behaviors

Risky sexual behaviors are those that increase your risk of a negative outcome. Revenge sex can lead to having more than one sexual partner, having sex without a condom, using unreliable birth control or using birth control inconsistently.

Those actions in turn can result in pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, and a damaged reputation. You could end up with an incurable disease that, if left untreated, could result in death. In addition, risky sexual behaviors can affect your confidence and self-esteem in the long-term and could complicate your recovery from the emotional stress of your Oklahoma divorce.

The Revenge Sex Partner

You should consider the feelings of the person you intend to engage in revenge sex with.

Are they aware of your situation and agree with sex for the sake of revenge? Does he or she have feelings for you and would like a long-term relationship?

If so, you may end up hurting that person emotionally. Hurting someone to get revenge against your spouse puts you on his or her same level and can leave you feeling even worse than you did before the sex.

The Legalities of Revenge Sex

Adultery is defined as two consenting adults having sex with someone other than his or her spouse. Although you may have filed an Oklahoma divorce petition, you are still legally married until a final divorce decree is entered by the court.

If you engage in revenge sex while still married, you will be committing adultery; that could have detrimental effects on your Oklahoma divorce.

Depending on your circumstances, revenge sex could impact child custody, alimony, and settlement negotiations with your spouse because of his or her feelings of anger and vindictiveness.

What You Should Do Before Engaging in Revenge Sex

Before you indulge in revenge sex, you should be honest with yourself. Find out what your innermost reason is for wanting to engage in behavior that could well be detrimental to your health and may affect your Oklahoma divorce negotiations.

You may find that the consequences are not worth the brief satisfaction you might receive during your sexual encounters. Make sure that you are prepared to deal with the possible aftermath of your actions including health problems, regret, shame and sadness.

It would be in your best interests to stay focused on the divorce process. This is especially true if you have children; focus on their needs rather than engaging in risky behaviors that can have long-term consequences.

A better avenue for releasing your emotions and building your self-confidence may be to join an exercise class, take up an old hobby you once enjoyed or join a support group. Participating in those types of activities can help you work through your divorce issues and begin moving forward with your life in an emotionally and physically healthy manner.

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