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What Happens After My Tulsa Oklahoma Divorce Decree is Final?

Oklahoma divorce decreeThe end of a divorce can be bittersweet as you may feel sadness that the end of a chapter is over, while also experiencing hope for the future.

Before you completely move on, though, there are a few steps you should take once your Oklahoma divorce decree is final.

If you’ve recently finalized your divorce in Tulsa, contact an experienced divorce attorney who can ensure that you tie up any legal loose ends before you start on the journey ahead of you.

What’s In Your Oklahoma Divorce Decree

A divorce decree is the official document signifying that your divorce is over and must be signed by a judge.

The divorce decree will address all of the issues within the divorce, including but not limited to, alimony payments, child support, visitation, property division, and child custody.

An Oklahoma divorce decree may even include very situation-specific language, such as dates when a spouse is to collect his or her things from the marital home.

Understand Your Divorce Decree

Because the divorce decree is to specify how all of the marital issues are to be handled, it is imperative that you take time to read closely, and carefully, all the terms in it.

Do not assume that something you do not understand will work itself out or won’t matter.

Therefore, read your Oklahoma divorce decree and make a list of everything that’s in it, including things you don’t understand.

If you have questions at all contact a divorce attorney immediately and either have him clarify it for you or ask that the court clarify a term immediately.

This is also true if you notice any mistakes, big or small.

Getting the terms of your child support, child custody, visitation, or alimony changed can be very difficult, which is why it is important that anything that needs to be changed is immediately brought to the court’s attention.

Make a To-Do List

Once you are certain your Oklahoma divorce decree accurately reflects the agreement between you and your ex, make a list of all of the things both parties must do, including frequency and dates.

If, for example, the decree requires you to take the children to basketball practice every second Tuesday, make a note.

Often, divorce will require parties to get into new routines and failing to abide by the decree can land you back in front of the court for contempt.

This list should also include dates any child support or alimony payments are due, as well as dates you must take the children to visitation.

Tie Up Loose Ends

If you’ve taken your spouse’s last name, now is the time to get your name changed, especially if it’s in your Oklahoma divorce decree.

Gather the requsite documents and begin the process of changing your name on your driver’s license and other important documents.

You may also need to change your wills and remove your ex as the executor or beneficiary of your policies, if you no longer want them to have those roles.

Seek Counseling

Counseling may be necessary for both parties and even the children, especially if the divorce was drawn out and painful.

Therefore, incorporate counseling into your process of moving on.

This does not have to take the form of a professional therapist, but can be a church or community support group.

If your children are in school, consider reaching out to the school for options for them.

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