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How Do Oklahoma Courts Determine Which Parent Gets Children on Holidays?

Oklahoma courtsOklahoma courts encourage divorcing spouses to work together to resolve all issues in their Tulsa divorce, including all matters of child custody and visitation. Usually, if parents can work together amicably, the parties are happier with the resultant visitation agreement hammered out between them.

Parents often have differing values and ideas regarding what holidays are important to them and their children. For some parents, spending Christmas together or with extended family may be very important. For others, Easter may be a time for the extended family to band together.

In all cases, it is likely, that there may be some highly charged emotional feelings regarding holidays. When parents cannot agree, the court will step in and make the decision for them.

Factors That Oklahoma Courts Consider in Determining Holiday Visitation

Oklahoma courts have broad discretion in determining visitation. In making decisions regarding visitation, the courts will turn to the best interests of the child.

It is always in the child’s best interests to have frequent and continued contact with both parents, even if that contact is supervised. In determining a holiday schedule, it is likely that the court will look at a number of factors including the age of the child or children involved.

For younger children – those under the age of five – the emphasis in any kind of visitation may be more on developmental care. The court may also look at the desires of older children, school schedules, and the child’s relationships with other siblings and as well as with other extended family members.

Additional Considerations

Often times Oklahoma courts will develop a rotating holiday visitation schedule based on alternating odd and even years. So if you spend Christmas with your child this year, your ex may spend Christmas with your child the following year.

It is typical for a child to spend Father’s Day and Mother’s Day with their respective parents.

Other holidays subject to the schedule might include: Easter, summer break, Christmas break, spring break, Memorial Day, Labor Day, and July 14 as well as the parents’ and child’s birthdays.

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