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Tips for Dating After Divorce in Tulsa, Oklahoma

dating after divorce in TulsaGetting a divorce can be an emotionally draining and even physically exhausting process.

Although you should take time to recover, you may eventually want to start dating after divorce in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

If you feel you are truly ready to hit the dating scene again, follow these helpful tips and advice.

Seek Counseling Before Dating After Divorce in Tulsa

Divorce can leave you with low self-esteem, confusion about who you now are, and self-doubt.

It’s important to deal with these issues, which can impact your ability to trust others or build a healthy relationship with anyone else.

A counselor can help you to develop the tools to reclaim yourself once again and take healthy strides into the world of dating after divorce in Tulsa.

Even if you cannot afford professional psychiatric counseling, speaking to a trusted family member, friends, or church support group can be very beneficial, as well.

Try New Things

Dating is often comprised of finding people who share common interests. However, if you’ve been stuck in a rut for the past few years or have put your life on pause while going a divorce in Oklahoma, you may have forgotten what you even like to do.

Joining meet-up groups or taking new classes can not only introduce you to new activities, but new people as well. Post-divorce life can enable you to try things you’ve never done before.

So sign up for yoga, hiking groups, cooking classes, traveling, or anything else you’ve always had on your bucket list and be sure to introduce yourself to new people along the way.

Make Yourself Over Before Dating After Divorce in Tulsa

Moving onto new relationships may also mean moving onto a new you.

Getting a new haircut, buying a few new date night outfits, and getting into shape can give you the confidence boost you need to meet new people and start dating after divorce in Tulsa.

Get a “Wing-man”

If hitting the dating scene is too scary, consider waiting a while until you are truly ready to date again.

But, if you’re just nervous to head out alone, enlist the help of a single friend to go out with you. Having someone else there will make the dating scene less intimidating.

But, if lurking in bars just isn’t your thing, join an online dating website.

However, make sure you meet in a public place and tell your wing-man exactly where you plan on going if you meet up with someone from the internet.

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