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Common Mistakes Made During Divorce in Tulsa, Oklahoma

common mistakes made during divorceIf you think divorce in Tulsa, Oklahoma will just be a rational and logical matter of dividing assets and determining which days your ex gets the kids, think again.

Divorce can be a nasty attempt of trying to hurt the other person, trying to get all you can, and make the other person look as bad as possible in front of the judge.

Read the following to avoid common mistakes made during divorce, in order to protect yourself and get the best possible outcome.

Posting Too Much Information on Social Media

The best advice anybody going through a divorce can take is to stay off of social media, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. If absolutely necessary, limit your use to professional purposes only.

Not only should you stay off of social media, you should also consider deleting your accounts all together. This is because your ex will likely attempt to find “dirt” on you, which can affect the judge’s perception of you.

Consider a situation where you are seeking alimony from your spouse because you do not have money to support yourself or your family on your own. If your ex finds pictures of you on vacation post-separation, this could negate any argument that your financial situation is as bleak as you paint it.

Or, a vengeful ex may find multiple photos of you drinking in bars and attempt to argue that she should have custody because you are more interested in partying than raising children.

Never assume that just because your ex is blocked means that information won’t get back to him. Mutual friends may share it or a judge may even subpoena your social media accounts. Therefore, do yourself a favor and stay off of social media.

Not Listening to Your Attorney’s Advice

Your attorney will give you a lot of advice to follow not just in your case, but in your personal life as well. Because divorces often hinge on a lot of personal information, your attorney may give you advice you should follow in your personal life.

Even if you don’t understand the connection between your attorney’s advice and your pending divorce, not listening to him can cause significant problems down the line in unexpected ways.

Not only will your attorney advise you in your personal life during a divorce, they may also instruct you to bring documents and attend certain court appearances.

Not getting information to your attorney or failing to appear in court can have seriously adverse affects on your case; this is one of the most common mistakes made during divorce.

Not Sharing Information with your Attorney

Keeping secrets from your attorney can not only put them in difficult legal situations, but may lead to their decision not to represent you if you choose to keep material secrets from them.

For example, if you choose not to disclose financial information, drug use, alcohol use, abuse, or anything else about yourself to your attorney, they may not be able to adequately argue on your behalf if blindsided in court.

They may also decide not to represent you if you are not upholding your end of the bargain by allowing them to fully and competently do their job for you.

Agreeing to Unjust Settlements

Often times, one spouse may appear to have more power than the other and will intimidate their ex by telling them that this is “the best they can get.” Or a spouse may be emotionally drained and will do anything to get the divorce over with.

This is especially true if one spouse is unrepresented.

In these situations, parties often agree to settlements that do not represent the best deal possible for them in terms of child support, custody, visitation, alimony, or property division.

If your attorney is proposing settlement terms and you are unrepresented, contact an attorney immediately.

Once you agree to terms and they are incorporated into a divorce decree, you will find that it is very difficult to change.

Dating Too Soon – One of the Common Mistakes Made During Divorce

Even if a judge shouldn’t “punish” one spouse for allegations of infidelity when considering issues of child custody, visitation, alimony, or child support.

However, if you start dating while you’re still married, your spouse may argue that you can’t be trusted, don’t have time, or have more money than you’ve let on.

At a minimum, move out before you bring another into your life.

Free Consultation: Tulsa Divorce Attorney

Avoiding these common mistakes during divorce can be the difference between a fair settlement and one that leaves you short in the end.

It’s, therefore wise that you consult with an experienced attorney that knows the many ways an Oklahoma divorce settlement agreement could go.

He or she can help you determine whether your inheritance is separate or marital property.

If you and your spouse have decided to obtain a divorce, a Tulsa divorce attorney has the experience and expertise to guide and represent you throughout every aspect of filing for and obtaining a divorce.