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What Can I Do if My Spouse Disobeys a Tulsa Family Court Decree?

Tulsa family courtIf your spouse disobeys a Tulsa family court decree, you can have the order enforced by filing a lawsuit asking the court to hold your spouse in contempt of a court order.

An enforcement lawsuit can be initiated to force your spouse to obey Tulsa family court orders pertaining to the following:

  • Child support.

  • Medical obligations.

  • The division of property in a divorce decree.

  • Visitation.

  • Spousal support.

Enforcing a Tulsa Family Court Order

A Tulsa family court decree will be enforceable if the language it contains is clear, specific and unambiguous.

For a visitation order, for example, this means that it must specify when the party with custody must surrender the children to the other party, and when that party must return the children.  In addition, it must specify where the exchange is to take place and the exact length of the visitation period.

Likewise, for child support, the order must specify the amount to be paid, the date upon which it must be paid, to whom it must be paid, the date upon which payments are to commence,  and the date upon which payments cease.

If the language contained in the court order is not clear, specific, and unambiguous, a Tulsa family court will clarify the order and allow your spouse ample time to comply.

The Consequences of Disobeying a Tulsa Family Court Decree

If your spouse disobeys a Tulsa family court decree and is held in contempt of a court order, he or she will face the following consequences:

  • An order may be given to his or her employer to withhold income from his or her paycheck.

  • Federal and state tax returns may be intercepted to force compliance.

  • He or she may have liens placed on property.

  • His or her name may be included on the Oklahoma Child Support Enforcement’s Most Wanted list.

  • He or she may have his or her driver’s license, professional licenses, recreational licenses and/or his or her business permits suspended.

  • He or she may have his/her car, motorcycle, boat, airplane, or truck registrations suspended.

  • He/she may be denied a passport.

  • He or she may be sentenced to jail time.

In addition, unless your spouse has good cause for disobeying a Tulsa family court decree, he or she will be held liable to you for all court and legal costs spent on enforcing the court order.

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