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When Can I Remarry After A Divorce in Tulsa?

divorce in TulsaDivorce is a life changing event for anyone who has to go through it. It creates a wide range of issues and concerns which vary from case to case.

For those who desire to remarry after getting divorced in Tulsa, this article will discuss where Oklahoma family law stands on the matter.

Remarrying After a Divorce In Tulsa

Oklahoma family law requires a six-month waiting period before you can remarry, unless you are remarrying your former spouse. The purpose of the rule is to provide a period of reconciliation for couples who have just been divorced.

During this “cooling off” period, you will still be considered legally married, and if you marry someone in Oklahoma other than your former spouse, before the six-month period expires, that marriage will be voidable. Additionally, you will have committed felony bigamy, which is punishable by 1-3 years in a state penitentiary.

However,  Article IV, Section 1 of the United States Constitution, known as the “Full Faith and Credit Clause,” requires states to recognize marriages across state lines. As a result, you can get married to a person in another state before the six-month waiting period has expired and the marriage will be valid,  and not voidable, in Oklahoma.

However, if after getting married in another state, you move back to Oklahoma and cohabitate with your new spouse before the six-month period has expired, you will be guilty of felony adultery in the state of Oklahoma.

Whether or not you will ever be prosecuted and sent to prison for getting married in Oklahoma within six months of your divorce decree is debatable. The most important consideration, however, is that if you don’t wait at least six months before you remarry after getting divorced in Tulsa, your marriage will be voidable if either party seeks to annul the marriage during that six month period.

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