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  • My Child’s Custodial Parent Moved Without Telling Me, What Can I Do?

    If your child’s custodial parent moved away from Tulsa, Oklahoma without your consent, you have legal rights. A divorce court in Oklahoma maintains jurisdiction over matters of child custody and support until the child or children is 18. That means that long after the divorce is finalized, there are still matters that can be taken up […]

  • Should I Meet With My Spouse to Talk About Our Tulsa County Divorce?

    A Tulsa County divorce is one of the most difficult situations that partnered adults living in Oklahoma face. It is a time of great upheaval as we look for new living situations, make decisions about our children and their care and needs, and make other decisions that will have long-lasting implications on our financial futures. Emotions […]

  • How Can I Reduce Tension in a High-Conflict Tulsa Custody Dispute?

    Children suffer in a high-conflict Tulsa custody dispute. When spouses going through a divorce in Oklahoma argue excessively, or use their children as pawns to manipulate the other spouse, children suffer. Their anxiety levels skyrocket, they act out if older, exhibit regressive behaviors such as bed-wetting if younger, have trouble sleeping, develop somatic symptoms such […]

  • Do I Have to Keep Paying Tulsa Child Support if My Ex Spouse Remarries?

    When we bring children into the world, we owe them not only love and affection, but also financial support. Tulsa, Oklahoma takes this obligation seriously. When you and your spouse separate and divorce, the courts try to protect your children as much as possible from the fallout involved in that process. This applies even if […]

  • Must I Pay Oklahoma Child Support for My Spouse’s Child From a Previous Marriage?

    When we marry a person with a child from a previous marriage, we take on the normal obligations that one has to those with whom we live. Though we all have moral obligations to those we live with and even to those people around us, there is a big difference in Tulsa, Oklahoma between having […]

  • How Do Oklahoma Courts Determine Which Parent Gets Children on Holidays?

    Oklahoma courts encourage divorcing spouses to work together to resolve all issues in their Tulsa divorce, including all matters of child custody and visitation. Usually, if parents can work together amicably, the parties are happier with the resultant visitation agreement hammered out between them. Parents often have differing values and ideas regarding what holidays are […]

  • What Documentation Do I Need During a Tulsa Child Custody Dispute?

    A Tulsa child custody dispute is one of the most contentious areas between divorcing spouses in Oklahoma. Emotions run high during any Tulsa divorce, but when we feel that our children’s well being may be jeopardized by our ex-spouse, our emotions can run between anxiety and outright fear, especially if substances are being abused by […]

  • Is Child Support Mandatory in Oklahoma Joint Custody?

    Oklahoma joint custody and mandatory child support payments are not necessary one and the same under Tulsa family law. In determining the amount of support that a parent owes a child in Oklahoma, custody by itself is not a determining factor. Instead, Tulsa uses child support guidelines. (Okla. Stat. tit. 43, § 118) Oklahoma Joint […]

  • Can I Get an Oklahoma Child Support Modification if the Other Parent Got a Better Job?

    In Tulsa, Oklahoma, a divorce court will continue to maintain jurisdiction over a divorce with children involved long past the date that the divorce decree is granted. The court can issue an Oklahoma child support modification, or other orders such as a change in custody, if the circumstances warrant it. In Tulsa, a court can […]

  • Can a Tulsa Child Support Collection Attorney Help Me Collect Back Child Support?

    In Tulsa, Oklahoma, we are responsible for supporting our children. Most of the time parents are more than willing to do that, even when it is financially difficult to do. Sometimes, parents are unable or unwilling. That does not erase their obligation, however. When a court orders child support, a parent is obligated to pay […]

  • Five Ways a Tulsa Divorce Attorney Can Improve Your Oklahoma Divorce

    If you are in the process of getting an Oklahoma divorce, you need an attorney. An attorney is not only an expert on the law, but also an expert on the process. You may think that you want to go through this process alone, but really there are so many good reasons for hiring an […]

  • Do Courts Award Alimony in an Oklahoma Same Sex Divorce?

    With the legalization of same sex marriages in Tulsa will come issues of divorce. It is inevitable. Legally, an Oklahoma same sex divorce is subject to the same laws as divorces between opposite sex partners. Alimony in an Oklahoma Same Sex Divorce Alimony can be a sore subject between divorcing spouses. Although Oklahoma courts use […]

  • Will I Go to Jail if I Can’t Pay Tulsa Child Support?

    Parents are legally obligated to support their children in Oklahoma. Thus, children have a legal right to benefit from Tulsa child support. (Okla. Stat. tit. 43 § 139) In a divorce proceeding that involves children, the court will make Tulsa child support orders. Judges make these orders after careful consideration of the parents’ incomes and […]

  • Will Courts Grant an Oklahoma Same Sex Divorce?

    Along with the right to marry in Tulsa, Oklahoma, comes the right to end that marriage. On October 6, 2014, the U.S. Supreme Court rejected Oklahoma’s appeal and the Tenth Circuit Court’s ruling went into effect, legalizing same-sex marriage in Oklahoma. There have been many same-sex marriages in Oklahoma since then. Same-sex divorces were sure […]

  • What is Legal Custody in Oklahoma Family Law?

    Divorce is a stressful time for all families in Tulsa, Oklahoma. It is a time of intense feeling and many questions and uncertainties. If children are involved, the matters of child custody and support must be addressed and resolved prior to the end of the divorce process. There are two types of custody in Oklahoma. […]

  • What is Physical Custody in Oklahoma Family Law?

    As parents move toward a divorce in Tulsa, there are many decisions to be made. Some of the most difficult decisions to be made concern the children in the marriage. Physical custody in Oklahoma refers to caring for the child when he or she is with you. Defining Child Custody in Tulsa Custody refers to […]

  • What is Sole Custody in Oklahoma Family Law?

    Divorce can be traumatic for parents and children. As parents move toward a Tulsa, Oklahoma divorce, the children of that union have to be taken care of. It is the job of the court in Oklahoma to ensure that the best interests of the child are looked after when making custody decisions. Legal custody refers […]

  • What is a Typical Child Visitation Schedule Oklahoma?

    As much as we may not want to look at the issue of a child visitation schedule Oklahoma, it is an essential part of any Tulsa divorce involving children. The Tulsa family court, together with the separating parents, will craft a schedule to determine how much time each parent will spend time with their child. The […]

  • Do I Have to Wait Until My Divorce is Final to Get Child Support in Tulsa?

    If your divorce in Tulsa, Oklahoma is like many, by the time the divorce papers are filed with the court, parents have already started to create two separate households. Usually one parent has moved out of the family home, and the entire family is trying to adjust to rapid changes in circumstances. Parents are trying […]

  • Can I Get Alimony in Tulsa if I Paid for My Spouse’s Education?

    A common question regards whether one spouse is entitled to alimony in Tulsa, Oklahoma, if he paid for his spouse’s college education and the marriage breaks up. The answer may be “yes”, but depends on the situation. Divorce is a tumultuous period for both parties. We enter the state of marriage with the hope that […]

  • What if My Spouse Hides Assets During an Oklahoma Divorce Case?

    Spouses have a moral and ethical duty to be honest with each other, especially in their financial dealings in a Tulsa, Oklahoma divorce case. Unfortunately, once a marriage begins to unravel, spouses may often try to take care of their own needs at the expense of their spouse. As the marriage moves closer toward a […]

  • What are Oklahoma Divorce Laws Inheritance Issues?

    A common question regards just what are Oklahoma divorce laws inheritance issues, or whether an ex-spouse is entitled to the other spouse’s inheritance. The answer to your question is, it depends. There are several factors that could color how Tulsa divorce law and the court see your inheritance money. So here are some basics that […]

  • What is a Qualified Domestic Relations Order in Oklahoma?

    A qualified domestic relations order Oklahoma, or QDRO (pronounced as “Quadro”), is a tool that can be used in a Tulsa divorce to allocate retirement benefits to a spouse. It is an order of the court that tells the retirement account or benefit administrator that a specified portion of retirement benefits will now belong to […]

  • Can I Make the Biological Father Take a Paternity Test in Oklahoma Before My Child is Born?

    In some cases, it may be necessary to have a man take a paternity test in Oklahoma before a child is born. There are many reasons for paternity testing in Tulsa. For example, sometimes single biological parents do not stay together through the child birthing process and beyond. Sometimes, a mother may not be sure […]

  • What Can I Do If My Ex Refuses to Pay Oklahoma Child Support?

    In Oklahoma child support payments are a legal and moral obligation. It is enforceable in every state. Tulsa takes this obligation seriously. What if My Ex Refuses to Pay Oklahoma Child Support? Sometimes parents fall behind on their Oklahoma child support obligations. It happens for varying reasons. A parent can lose a job, or run […]

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