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The impact of divorce on children can be traumatic and lasting. The ongoing financial support of both parents can help provide children the security a family offered prior to a divorce. The Tulsa child support attorney at Divorce of Tulsa Law Office assists parents in obtaining equitable child support orders, enforcement and — when there are significant changes in the financial or custodial circumstances of one or both parents — modifications.

Calculating Oklahoma Child Support

Oklahoma statutes establish a rebuttable presumption of parent’s financial obligations based on the income of both parents, the number of children in a family and the costs of caring for the children. A standard Oklahoma guideline determines the amount of to be paid and each parent’s obligation to contribute to medical, dental and child care expenses. The Tulsa child support attorney assists clients in determining how much a court will order each parent to pay, and what — if any — exceptions may be awarded to the standard child support guidelines.

Other factors considered under the guidelines include:

  • Shared parenting time,
  • Split custody, where each parent has custody of one or more children from the marriage,
  • Support or alimony required under a different court order,
  • Support received through public assistance or a different court order,
  • Pre-existing support ordered for older children,
  • Any other children of the custodial parent,
  • Payments for joint debts,
  • Transportation expenses,
  • In high-income cases, accustomed standard of living,
  • More than six children,
  • Income imputed based on minimum wage or average prior income.

Two exceptions to Oklahoma’s statutory child support guidelines are occasions when all parties represented by counsel agree to a different amount and when the court determines an order according to the guideline would be unjust, unreasonable or not in the best interests of the child.

Calculators Estimate Likely Support Amounts

Online calculators can assist parents in determining likely support amounts to be ordered in child custody hearings. One is available at the Oklahoma Department of Human Services Web site. Another, available through an online Wiki site about Oklahoma law called Esquire Empire  generates pro-forma document formatted for submission in Tulsa courts.

While online calculators can provide very precise estimates of a courts likely support order, a  qualified Oklahoma child support lawyer can assist in determining what amounts must be entered into a standard guideline.

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