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divorce lawyers in TulsaNo-fault divorce laws in most cases have eliminated court fights over grounds for divorce in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Yet divorce lawyers in Tulsa still get frequent calls for representation in contested divorce cases.

On rare occasions, Tulsa divorce lawyers are still asked to assert or challenge grounds for divorce. More often a disputed divorce in Tulsa involves questions about assets, alimony, child custody and child support.

When a divorce heats up outside of court, divorcing spouses sometimes seek orders for protection. Our office has extensive experience with each of these family law matters in Tulsa County courts.

When issues about a divorce in Tulsa are disputed, Divorce of Tulsa Law Office endeavors to provide dignified representation. A contested divorce in Tulsa need not become an ugly divorce. Yet dirty tactics sometimes come up in divorce cases. Ugly divorce tactics can include hiding assets, refusing to negotiate child custody and filing bogus orders for protection.

Fortunately, Oklahoma laws require that a divorce in Tulsa must be settled on a level playing field.  Professional representation by an experienced Tulsa divorce lawyer can help to reduce the effect of unfair divorce tricks. When necessary, divorce lawyers can ask a Tulsa court to intervene.

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Reduce the Stress of a Contested Divorce

A methodical approach systematically identifies assets, seeks stringent enforcement of court orders and seeks an equitable outcome within what the law allows. When matters involving child custody and child support are considered in view of what the law allows and what the law requires, there’s less chance conflict will erupt outside of court.

The Tulsa divorce attorney at Divorce of Tulsa Law Office uses a methodical approach to reduce the stress associated with a contested divorce. We understand that divorcing spouses sometimes pursue conflicting interests. By representing our client’s interests within the legal system, we seek to reduce unnecessary conflict outside of court.

Stress from a contested divorce can cloud future plans, traumatize children and even damage your health. The Tulsa divorce attorney takes a balanced approach to provide clients the best chance of landing on their feet after leaving an unsuccessful relationship.

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