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When it comes to divorce Tulsa lawyers know as well as anyone, most people would rather avoid the need for our services.  When the end of a marriage looms over a family’s future, some couples try to get it over with as quickly and painlessly as possible.

With Oklahoma divorce rates among the highest in the nation, many disillusioned couples in Tulsa seek an uncontested divorce. A friendly divorce can seem easiest for all involved. When a couple ready to end their marriage can at least agree on terms, conflict and stress can be kept to a minimum.

Friendly Divorce in Tulsa, Okla.

Online services offer do-it-yourself divorce kits that seem to provide all the necessary paperwork. A friendly low-cost divorce in Oklahoma might appear at first to be an easy matter. It may seem easy, but complications can arise.

When you have assets to protect during a divorce Tulsa attorneys can help you to make your uncontested divorce the simple matter you hope to accomplish.

Consider these six steps from a top-ranked online how-to site that purports to tell readers how to get a free do it yourself divorce. (Hint: we know writers of such sites are typically paid about $15 to write these quickie how-to articles).

1. “Read the divorce regulations for your state.”

The site promises a link to the laws of each state. It’s not there. Oklahoma divorce laws comprise pages upon pages in the law books. Those laws must be understood in the context of how the latest state and federal appellate cases affect an uncontested divorce in Oklahoma.

2. “Get the divorce forms.”

The site we reviewed sends those wanting an simple divorce in Oklahoma to a college or university library. Once there, they’re advised to copy divorce “forms” from a reference book. Will the books be up to date? Will the sample filings the site calls “forms” meet court requirements? Otherwise, the “how to get a free quickie divorce” page sends divorcing spouses to online sites where they might be able to pay for blank forms.

3. “Discuss all of the terms with your spouse”

That’s something a Tulsa divorce attorney might help you with, but — after a trip to the library for the forms, and after reading all of the legalese from an online law book — are you and your divorcing spouse prepared to discuss all of the terms related to division of assets, disposal of debts and future plans for support and custody of children?

4. “Choose the correct forms and fill them out.”

The experienced Tulsa family law attorney at Divorce of Tulsa Law office knows what documents to draft and how to prepare them. Even an uncontested Tulsa divorce is a proceeding in civil court that requires plaintiffs and respondents to draft original documents that describe what they want. Where child support is involved, the documents must conform with state guidelines. Divorce of Tulsa Law Office relies on our experience and knowledge of the law to draft case filings. It’s not simply a fill-in-the-blanks form.

 5. “Take the forms to your county clerk’s office. ” 

The easy free divorce site just got it wrong on that point. The county clerk files marriage certificates, but it’s the court clerk who files court records. It’s two different offices, in separate agencies. The Divorce of Tulsa Law Office is conveniently located in downtown Tulsa near the Tulsa County Courthouse. We know where and how to file the right documents for an agreed divorce in Oklahoma.

 6. “Appear at your court date with all of your forms.”

When Divorce of Tulsa Law Office assists in your agreed divorce, we keep track of your court dates. That’s our job. There’s no chance you won’t get the memo telling you when to appear, or when papers you found online don’t meet the court’s requirements.

Agreed Divorce: Tulsa Attorneys Keep it Simple

The reason most couples seek an agreed divorce is to avoid conflict and to get it over with as easily as possible. Reducing conflict may help make divorce affordable at a time when both former spouses may otherwise be struggling to make ends meet on their own.

When you rely on advice you find for free online, nobody is professionally obligated to steer you in the right direction. Without professional help, unexpected differences over money, how to divide property, how to raise children or how to handle outstanding debts can turn into major disputes.

To help you understand your rights in Tulsa divorce courts, Divorce Law Office of Tulsa offers a Web page that summarizes your rights in an Oklahoma divorce. If you do nothing else, at least familiarize yourself with the scope of rights when you are preparing for a friendly divorce in an Oklahoma court.

At Divorce of Tulsa Law Office, we routinely work with people going through difficult breakups. We not only know the law, we know how to stay on point and find resolutions when parties are determined to work things out.  Poor planning of legal proceedings can disrupt even the best planned dissolution of emotional bonds in a failed marriage.

Don’t risk your friendship tackling an unfamiliar task at a difficult time. If you have assets to divide, let a professional assist with your agreed divorce.

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