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The choices you make during a divorce can affect you and your loved ones throughout your life. An attentive Tulsa divorce attorney can help you gain control of the legal aspects of divorce while you secure the foundation of your personal, financial and family future.

Whether you file for divorce or a spouse has initiated a divorce, the practical and legal decisions that follow can be overwhelming.  The concerned family law attorneys at Divorce of Tulsa Law Office help attain dissolution of marriage in legal terms best suited for each client’s preferences within the scope of Oklahoma family law.

Even in a friendly divorce, tiny details can grow into daunting hurdles unless you have the benefit of effective legal guidance. An experienced Tulsa divorce lawyer can help you achieve the best outcome when you make the legal choices required for dissolution of marriage.

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Get the Best Tulsa Divorce Attorney on Your Side

Divorce ranks among the most difficult changes a person can face. When family plans fall apart, feelings of loneliness, alienation and confusion are common. Uncertainty clouds critical thinking. When you anticipate a divorce proceeding in a Tulsa County court, you need someone who knows the process to protect your interests. You need to get the best Tulsa divorce attorney available on your side.

It is easy to understand why people often approach divorce unprepared for what follows. Nobody starts out dreaming of divorce. We launch relationships with the best hopes. We plan personal and financial futures in terms of the relationship. When divorce crashes those plans, making new plans may be the last thing on your mind.

The first thing on your mind might be starting over. Just getting through the process can become a staggering burden. While you consider immediate personal concerns — maybe explaining to children, friends and family what is happening — Oklahoma courts consider matters in terms of strict, well-defined procedures. At Divorce of Tulsa Law Office, you will find a capable family law attorney ready to represent the particulars of your unique circumstances.

Legal matters that must be addressed in a divorce include:

  • Where to file for divorce
  • Residency requirements
  • Distribution of property
  • Requirements for counseling or mediation
  • How soon can you remarry after a divorce
  • Legal grounds for divorce
  • Separation
  • Child custody
  • Child support

A Tulsa County court considers these matters in the context of Oklahoma law and Tulsa District Court local rules. When minor children are involved, the court decides matters based on what the court considers to be the children’s best interests. The Tulsa divorce lawyer can represent your interests — and your children’s interests — as you best understand them.

Maybe you have concerns about protecting your property. In a divorce houses, vehicles, vacation homes, rental homes, business assets, stocks, bonds, pensions, IRAs, jewelry and precious heirlooms are allocated by court order. A family lawyer can assert your right to a fair allocation.

You may have concerns about your children’s future. Some cases involve personal violence and safety concerns. You do not have to confront such formidable challenges alone. Get a capable ally on your side to protect your interests.

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When your marriage plans unravel, get the best legal counsel available. Don’t go it alone. Get an experienced, reliable Tulsa divorce attorney on your side.

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